"Back to Nature", Museum Nairac, Barneveld , 03-12-2021 / 16-04-2022


Studio shot, Peonies red and white, Bottom view


Nominated for the Dutch Portrait Award 2019
with the portrait"Jan van Aken op Ruigoord" from the RUIGOORD VARIATIONS

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Exhibition Paintings VAN DER VEGT European Commission
25 nov 2010 - 31 jan 2011
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Exhibition at the
Amsterdam Museum

5 october 2009 - 7 february 2010
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Solo exhibition Singer Museum
Laren, 2000
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'… Van der Vegt is not an anatomical drawer who sketches every fibre separately, but an artist who makes us physically experience nature with his phenomenal impressions. The phrase impressions immediately evokes recollections of the impressionism. And a few of his works do indeed own the same rich colours as Monet's late works and even the size is similar. On the other hand is it the size of Van der Vegt's paintings that deviates. The macro's, as seen in his flower paintings, do not fit in with traditional impressionism and are more connected to other developments, mainly in contemporary art. At first glance, simple as life itself, but looks can be deceiving. Van der Vegt pours his soul into these works…'

Jan van Laarhoven, curator Noordbrabants Museum, Den Bosch

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